Hog Haven Farm was founded out of a growing demand for pig rescue in Colorado. We strive to provide a safe, loving home for domesticated & commercial pigs, rescuing them from situations of abandonment, neglect, or from slaughter. We have helped place pigs into loving forever homes, in addition to providing sanctuary for commercial pigs and potbellied pigs that are, for no fault of their own, not adoptable. 

As of January 2017, Hog Haven Farm is home to more than 40 potbellied pigs, and 4 commercial pigs. We strive to educate current and potential pig parents, as well as the general public, about pigs and their needs, care, and wonderful personalities.

Due to unethical, unregulated breeding practices, and a lack of education, there are many misconceptions about these amazing animals. There are many confusing terms relating to potbellied pigs: teacup, micro-mini, and nano are just a few misleading terms used to classify and sell piglets. At maturity, "mini" potbellied pigs grow to be a minimum of 70lbs to a maximum of 250lbs. Compared to related, commercialized breeds, these pigs are truly mini. 

Hog Haven Farm is located in Deer Trail, on the eastern plains of Colorado. We invite you to visit our pigs to learn more about the work we do, to encourage a compassionate, meat-free diet, and to see how truly wonderful pigs are.  

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