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Keeping Pigs in Colorado--Am I Zoned?

This is a commonly asked question! Hog Haven Farm has been working hard to compile pertinent information on the subject of legal pig ownership. Please click here for more information!

Veterinarians in Colorado for Potbellied Pigs:

In Arvada:

Homeward Bound Animal Hospital
(303) 981-4663

In Colorado Springs:

Aspen View Veterinary Clinic

(719) 638-6363

Calahan Veterinary Clinic

(719) 327-2702

In Conifer:

Aspen Creek Veterinary Hospital
(303) 697-4864

In Fort Collins:

Colorado State University Vet Teaching Hospital 
(970) 297-5000

In Kiowa:

Comanche Creek Veterinary Hospital 

(303) 621-2054

In Longmont:

Nelson Road Veterinary Clinic

(303) 678-8387

In Pueblo:

Mesa Veterinary Clinic

(719) 542-6075

In Strasburg:

Strasburg Vet Clinic

(303) 622-4415

In Wheat Ridge:

Planned Pethood Plus 

(303) 433-3291

Potbellied Pig Diet

We are compiling resources to help you feed you pig a healthy mix of primary food and snacks. Please visit our blog for details on pig chow designed specifically for potbellied (mini) pigs. If you're looking for snack and treat options for pigs, check out safe & healthy options on our blog.

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