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True Stories from Hog Haven Farm Book - $40

New! Spring Flowers Seed Starter Kits 

Get your backyard growing with some help from the rescued pigs! Each seed starter kit is fertilized with "pig berries," and there are 4 varieties to choose from: Marigold, Poppy, Bachelor Button (Cornflower) or Sunflower. You can also order a kit with all 4! When you support rescued pigs for your garden, they support you right back in helping grow beautiful plants! Each kit is ready to plant, and packaged in a cute, keepsake tin.   

Type of Kit

Great gifts for the pig lovers in your life, all to support rescued pigs. 


2020 Coloring Book 

Stuck at home? Need some enrichment? Preorder one of Hog Haven Farm's new coloring books! Featuring 20 unique designs, this coloring book has basic designs for beginners/kids, and more complex designs for advanced artists! Added bonus: for every coloring book we sell, we will donate one to a nursing home! 

Hog Haven Farm Hoodie - $45 to $48