About us 

Erin and Andrew adopted their first pet pig in 2013, based on Erin's long-time love of pigs. Pipsqueak, aka Pippy, was a 5mo old potbelly listed on Craigslist, and an amazing journey began when Erin and Andrew brought her home. Erin and Andrew were completely smitten with the affectionate, intelligent, sassy Pippy, and began learning more about pigs as pets and creatures--and realized the need for rescue in Colorado was huge.

Less than 5% of pet pigs stay in one home in their long lives (15-20 years), and many shelters and rescues cannot or do not handle pigs. Thus Hog Haven Farm was born, and was officially founded in August 2014. Erin and Andrew have dedicated their lives to pig rescue, and have moved twice to accommodate the growing demands of the rescue.  

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Photo by Gwen Shoemaker Photography