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Hog Haven Farm

           Potbellied Pigs in Denver

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Hog Haven Farm is a Colorado-based 501C3 nonprofit for potbellied pigs. Founded in 2014, HHF has rescued more than 100 pigs from situations of abandonment, neglect, and from slaughter. We help potbellied pigs find forever homes; offer sanctuary to both potbellied and standard pigs; and provide educational support to current & future pig owners as well as the general public. Hog Haven Farm promotes a compassionate, plant-based diet and is a vegan sanctuary. Potbellied pigs are commonly referred to as mini pigs, given their small size in comparison to their cousins--Duroc, Hampshire, Yorkshire and others.  

It takes 


away from a human

to be kind

to an animal

~ Joaquin Phoenix